The RAD Awards was held at Pala Casino Events Center. The Event was a blast! this year with Fuel TV not involved, it was great, because I had free rein to play whatever I wanted! The event coordinator was “Life of the Party” and they wanted it RAW!! straight hardcore hip hop from 1990! no techno, no house, no electro, EZ-E, NWA, Snoop, DRE, and all my favorite west coast artists from the 90’s! it was great!

Greg Cozzo was the Voice of God again, I worked with a good friend Chad Costanzo from Pyxis Industries who provided the massive sound system. Paul Wall opened the night up with a couple of songs with special guest performance by Nate Adams, Since I was the only person on stage the entire night, I had to do something.. I had to scratch it up for the performance, DUH! Def have to say Paul Wall was a cool dude, He wasnt one of those big headed artists who walk around all cocky, Paul was chill and respectful. He came up and introduced himself to me and shook my hand.. not many people do that anymore! much respect to Paul Wall!

Here is clip I found on Youtube with Paul and Nate..

Of course the night was just getting started with Paul Wall.. The night had winners from all different categories related to FMX world and all those crazy ass riders.. I also heard PINK was in the house.. I couldn’t see anything because the lights were in my eyes the entire time.. but here is the video that proves it! haha

And yes that is me on the stage at the beginning and the end of the video, pretty sick!!

Here is another video I found on Youtube from the event

Here is the RAD Awards Event Flyer

Sponsors of the event include
Monster Energy
Life of the Party
Hart and Huntington
Deft Family
Tedesco Photo
Dirt Bike Kids
Smith Line
Pala Raceway

Proceeds Benefit the Chris Ackerman Foundation

Here is a pic of me on stage


My View of the stage before the show

My View from the stage during the show


Pala Casino Events Center
11154 Hwy 76 Pala CA 92059 . 877-WIN-PALA (877-946-7252)