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Late last year I was approached by a wedding vendors listing website to be a Southern California Vendor. I hesitated at first but they had some requirements before they would consider listing my profile, which is different than most websites that will take anyone and everyone that wants to advertise.

The requirements consist of past clients and wedding vendors to answer a series of questions, in order to filter the professionals from everyone else. Going through this process was unlike anything I have ever done before, I have never asked any of my past clients to write a review, nor have I reached out to any wedding vendors to see what they thought about my services. Here Comes the Guide sends the questions and I never see who says what. I only see the end result of comments that the website services filters for my listing.

I had no idea my clients felt the way they did, It opened my eyes to what I was doing in this business and gave me a new type of motivation that over the past 20 years, I have never felt.

I’m glad I went through this process and I will continue to do the best I can at every event and make sure all of my client’s experiences are remembered well beyond their wedding day! Thank you Here Comes the Guide for your eye opening experience.



Verified Reviews from Real Brides & Grooms

“He was absolutely incredible. The dance floor was absolutely packed. We originally planned to have the DJ portion go from 10pm to midnight, but at midnight the dance floor was so packed, I asked Preston if he could stay another hour and he was amenable to that. People really did have an incredible time.”

“The DJ was the best part of the wedding. People still tell me about how great the wedding was and that is mostly due to the fact that the reception was such a party. The dance floor was packed, and to put it in perspective, we had 200 people. The large dance floor was packed for hours and hours till the very end. At one point my husband and I were raised from the center of the floor and looked out and just saw a sea of all our loved ones getting down to some great beats.”

“He was so seamless with the introductions and he knew how to introduce just enough without trying to over talk. He was just genuine and that really shows in an MC.”

“Preston is a great DJ that knows how to read the crowd and keep the diverse guests on the dance floor all night.”

“We were so so happy with the overall performance. As soon as the dance floor was open I don’t think it was ever empty until the end of the wedding!”

“He was so on top of all the music we wanted! Every song we talked about when first meeting with him was played, and played every song we requested at the wedding as well!”

“We we’re VERY satisfied with the customer service. Every time I emailed or texted him it was never longer than a couple hours that I heard back! He was very on top of making sure we were all on the same page with wedding details.”

“Scale of 1-10, Preston is for sure a 10. I know my husband would say the same! We were so happy with everything about our wedding. Wouldn’t have changed a thing!”

“The Monday after the wedding I contacted him to let him know that if he ever needed a reference, I was here for him. And if I were having another big party I would make sure that he was my DJ.”

“I have written reviews for Preston in as many places as possible because he honestly was just that great. As a bride, I feel like it is my duty to share this review of him because I honestly think he is the answer to every couple’s DJ search.”


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