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Reception Package Pricing $950

Package includes:

  • one hour of background music for cocktail hour
  • one hour of background music for dinner
  • two hours of dance music
  • professional non-cheesy Emcee for all event announcements
  • two technic 1200 turntables, dj mixer and wired microphone for toasts and announcements
  • two 1000 watt subwoofers and two 1000 watt loudspeakers set up next to dancefloor, plus two additional 800 watt loudspeakers on floor stands, set up about 30-50 ft away from main speakers. Also known as satellite speakers to minimize sound “hotspots”. Similar to surround sound. This set up will cover the reception space evenly and each speaker does have it’s own independent volume control. Sound system can cover up to 300 guests.



Ceremony Sound System and Music $300

Package includes:

  • Two professional loudspeakers on floor stands
  • 30 Minutes of Background Music as guests arrive
  • 30-45 minute ceremony
  • Wireless Handsfree Microphone for officiant
  • Wired Microphone on mic stand as back up or for readers/singers
  • Professional Audio Visual Technician to set up & tear down the sound system, monitor microphone levels with no feedback and play music on cue.