:: DJ/Music

Our Large Eclectic Library of music has over 20,000 clean radio edited titles, ranging from todays top Radio Hits to the Classics you almost forgot. Anyone can JUST PLAY music, but its knowing what to play and when to play it. as well as being able to work in the music requests from you and your guests. Music Requests are always welcome and you can also provide us with your own personal CD’s for those very special requests and dedications. NO “DEAD AIR” When we play we blend the music (also known as mixing) this is where we match the beats/tempos of 2 songs so when we transition from song to the next the transition is smooth and the dancing never stops!!

:: DJ/Emcee

We Also Emcee the entire reception, making general announcements and getting your guests involved in all the events you have planned for your wedding (WITHOUT the Cheesiness). Our Professional Staff has many years of experience in the music business from Radio Personalities to Night Clubs, Private and Corporate Events. With our ability to “READ the CROWD” and music Programming experience, we will have no program getting your guests dancing and having a good time

:: Planning

With over 100 Events a year, VSP knows there is more to a wedding Reception that just playing music, so we offer a wedding planning session with every wedding that we are hired for, to make sure the wedding reception goes just the way you imagine it. A member of Visual Sound Productions will schedule a meeting with you and your fiance, a couple weeks prior to your big day, to cover the detail of your reception. We make sure every question is answered and each detail is covered. Our Professionalism ensures that on the day of your wedding he only thing you have to worry about is how much fun you are going to have.

:: Sound and Lighting
Crystal Clear sound and hard pumping bass is the only way to “FEEL the MUSIC” and yet controlled for the right environment and atmosphere. (loud enough yet never too loud) whether you have 25 guests or you have 1000 guests we have the right equipment for your and your wedding.

We Offer a wide variety of lighting packages. Whether you want something wild and flashy (similar to what you would see in a night club or concert with high end intelligent lighting and lasers) of if you want something a little more elegant dn contemporary with custom gobo’s and beautiful colors we will have the right lighting package for your wedding

:: Ceremony Sound/Music

We can also provide the music and sound for the Ceremony. Using only professional sound equipment for the ceremony ensure the best possible “Worry-Free” sound. Concert Series UHF wireless lapel microphones are use to ensure quality sound as well as being discrete in photos. the lapel microphone is strong enough to pick up the speaking voice of you and the wedding officiant and you wont even know that it’s there. Traditional ceremony music as available or you can choose untraditional music of your choice. We also have additional microphones available for these ceremonies that have a reading vocalist or instrument that requires additional audio such as pianos, guitars, strings and keyboards.

:: Video Screens & Projectors

Bright projectors and huge video screens (7’- 15’) are available for all types of video playback and/or slide shows. Share those memories of growing up and happy times with your friends and family with a photo slide show. A great way to add just that extra personal touch to your wedding. Or dance the night away to your favorite music videos of todays top hits and those classics you almost forgot!!